Medina of Fez intervention, Morocco runner-up 

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The aim of this project is the rehabilitation of Place Lalla Yeddouna and its surrounding areas through its openess to the river and through the creation of supportive structures.

We decided to focus on the preservation of cultural and heritage values of the Moroccan Architecture. Therefore our intervention starts from the rehabilitation of the existing buildings (Fondouk Lahssair and Dar Al Iraqui), passes through the adaptation of parts of the old structures next to the river and then finishes in the design of new buildings.

Project: Medina of Fez intervention, Morocco
Location: Fez, Morocco
Date: 2010 (Competition)
Client: Agency for the Development and Rehabilitation of the city of Fez (ADER-Fès)
Architecture: Cláudio Vilarinho
Collaborators: João Pereira de Sousa
3ds: Gil Soares





Proposal public areas


Proposal urban views


Proposal access to the river


Preserve exterior walls


New alignements


Plan - access level


Section and View


Façade concept


Proposal aereal view










Existing patio


Proposal patio