Wallpaper house

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We chose 5 rocks on the ground and from them, through circles with the center of the rock itself, we designed the house. Thus, each facade is oriented towards a rock, correlated very strong gesture in the spirit of the place.
Other factors of relationship and integration with the landscape, are the green cover and the materiality of the entire volume (wooden stakes and granite abroad, both from the place).
By opening interior panels, the user can configure the interior of the house in one continuous space.

Briefing Wallpaper House

Project name: Wallpaper house
Location: Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal
Data: 2010
Clent: Wallpaper* magazine
Architecture: Cláudio Vilarinho
Collaborators: Ernesto Pereira, Filipe Lemos, Gil Soares, Paloma Ibarra




Existing rocks


Circles - center in the rocks


House shape


Site plan


Floor plan


Floor plan - open space



3D Model

Outside perspective